14,000 SF Paver and Travertine Rehabilitation in Odessa, FL

Large driveway and pool deck rehabilitation. (14,000 SF total). This project was located in Odessa, Florida. The driveway had been neglected for quite sometime. The travertine had been previously sealed and was EXTREMELY slippery in certain parts. The travertine also had failed sealer throughout.

We needed to pre-treat the driveway for significant weed growth. The pavers required extensive turbo tipping to remove the root systems and weeds. We then treated for efflorescence. This required several applications of our efflorescence remover combined with hand sweeping and surface cleaning to remove all of the salt and calcium contamination. The efflorescence remover will also help open up the capillary’s in the pavers for a more thorough deep cleaning as well as a longer lasting seal. We then applied our mold/algae/fungi remover per ICPI standards, surface cleaned, rinsed, and repeated as necessary. Once the post cleaning inspection was completed we then re-sanded the joints with silica sand which has been filtered and contains no bacteria. This specific sand will mitigate future weed growth. We applied the sand per ICPI standards. Once the re-sanding was completed we applied our proprietary blend of water based sealer. This customer wanted a natural look with an emphasis on joint stabilization. This required several flood coats and a heavy solid top coat. Every paver system is different so make sure to speak with your sales representative to see what is right for your paver system.

The travertine pool deck was in pretty rough shape. The customer wanted something to enhance the natural colors of the travertine but did not want the surface to be so slippery. Another contractor had previously used a water based sealer (Which had failed due to poor prep work) combined with sand (To try and make the surface less slippery). It is important to understand that both water based and solvent based sealers are both “film forming”. That means when you apply them to an already slippery surface you will greatly reduce the “coefficient of friction” allowing objects to glide across the surface. It goes without saying that people walking on slippery surfaces are likely to slip and fall. Especially when that surface becomes wet, ie., a pool deck. That is why some contractors use sand to add grip to the top coat Unfortunately when you add sand to the top coat you are greatly reducing the aesthetic appeal. We do offer this service but use a clearer product such as Diamond Dust which is made specifically for this purpose. It is important to remember that the surface will still be very slippery and as the sealer degrades over time so does your Diamond Dust which can leave you with a seriously dangerous situation. More often than not it is better to use a nano-impregnator on your travertine, especially if it is on a pool deck. That is the product that this customer chose to use. We began this process by stripping all of the old, failed sealer from the travertine. This required several applications. We then professionally applied a product that helps to etch and clean the travertine. This is used to clean and prepare the surface to receive the desired impregnator or sealant. Once the inspection was complete we re-sanded the joints to ICPI standards using our proprietary travertine sand. Once the sanding was inspected we applied the nano-impregnator to achieve the desired outcome. You have several options when it comes to protecting and enhancing your travertine investment. Make sure to speak with your sales representative about what options will be best for you.

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